Friday, February 26, 2016

They are Unsightly and Potentially Dangerous, but Nobody Seems to Care!

Urban decay doesn’t necessarily start in a community with the shuttering of a factory or mill. It also starts with government allowing the little things that silently and sometimes invisibly impact people’s lives in a negative way to go unchecked.

Telephone and cable company utility boxes are a prime example.

Often painted a light green color in order to blend in with the lawns they sit on, utility boxes are a common sight in Charlotte neighborhoods.

But increasingly, maintenance and care of these boxes by utility companies is becoming less frequent resulting in damaged or vandalized boxes being left unattended and in turn resulting in exposed wires being left open to the elements and worse, inquisitive children playing in the neighborhood.

Poor supervision by state utility regulators coupled with poor enforcement of local municipal codes by city and county authorities only contributes to the problem.

This begs the question; who is ultimately responsible for policing the safety and upkeep of our neighborhoods including utility boxes in order to prevent the ever present threat of urban decay?

We’d would like to know?

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