Monday, March 28, 2016

Drive with care on Mallard Creek Road

There have been many changes to Mallard Creek Road in Charlotte’s University Area over the past year.  Most as a result of the now completed I-485 construction project.

No question about it, Mallard Creek Road has been around for a very long time and probably dates back as a path or trail to pre-colonial times.

While every conceivable step has been taken to ensure that motorist travelling on the newly constructed sections of Mallard Creek Road are kept safe, we recently noticed one part of the road which could potentially result in a very bad outcome for a motorist or cyclist encountering some black ice or a flash flood on this busy road.
Most likely, when the corrugated tunnel was constructed back in the day, allowing a creek tributary to cross under the road, no one in the City of Charlotte or Mecklenburg County anticipated the volume of traffic that would be traveling up and down this busy two lane road in the 21st century.

Today, a simple guardrail installed either side of the road were it crosses Stony Creek would probably suffice.

In the meantime, drive with care on Mallard Creek Road.

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